Home Working.


Over the last decade the number of people regularly working from home has risen by a fifth, this means that over 1.5 million of us are swapping crowded commutes for cosy coffees in the comfort of our own home. These figures are from the latest study by the Trades Union Congress.

If you’re a creative who’s thinking about sacking off the day job and working from home there’s a few things you should probably consider before doing so…


Independence– Creative people often like to be relaxed, almost left to their own devices when creating a masterpiece; whatever that might be. Office environments can be quite stressful and tense places sometimes, if you have a boss that’s fond of micromanagement it’s almost impossible to get in the creative zone. You have the independence to set your own deadlines and working hours.

Freedom- You have the flexibility to work wherever and whenever you like, whether that be on your sofa or on a beach somewhere sunny. You can work around existing commitments you may already have. You might find your muse when sat in a coffee shop enjoying your late lunch.

Economy- Having your office or studio space in your home reduces costs of renting an actual office space elsewhere.ย  The majority of creative start-ups aren’t making big bucks right away, so all the spare money you have could be invested into your dream business.


Structure-ย  It’s a majorly important to keep a solid structure when working from home. Some people need constant structure in their lives to get by, it’s common that creative people can be led off on a tangent and end up having periods of being unproductive. This then could spiral into not doing any work then not being able to pay your bills.ย  Working in an office forces you to get out of bed in the morning and work through the un productive times, otherwise you’ll have no job to go back to.

Isolation- This can be a huge negative for sociable people, if you’re a fan of your own company you’llย  be fine. Working alone all dayย  everyday can get quite lonely. If you get stuck in a habit you may not see anyone for days which is never good. Working in a shared space forces you to have contact with others.

I’d love to know what everyone’s thoughtsย  and experience are on working from home?


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