Scent Circus

There’s no clowning around at the Scent Circus(Sometimes I find myself far too funny)

I’ve been using wax melts for a while, I love the fact you can switch up the smells instead of burning a whole candle. You wouldn’t think it but my boyfriend gets deeply involved when picking which ones next to burn. He seems to transform into a scent expert, that much so sometimes i feel my ears are drowning, telling me his favourites and which one he recommends. ‘Scuse me hun… I bought them so I pick which we melt first.
No I’m joking I’m glad he doesn’t mind the girly smell that fills the house.



My obsession is getting a bit out of hand at the minute, so when I discovered Scent Circus I nearly started hyperventilating. Their website is beautiful, at first glance everything is so pretty and magical! I was scrolling through adding everything to my basket. What really drew me to the brand was that all of their products are 100%  cruelty free and they’re made with soy wax.

When Mr Postman came to deliver the package he even commented on how lovely it smelt so I knew I was in for a treat.


So at first glance this was my favourite! The inner child in me was creasing at the name, I’m obsessed with unicorns so i bought two. The guys at Scent Circus got the fragrance description perfect, my whole house smelt like pear drops. I was lay in bed so giddy at how amazing it still smelt, I was honestly in fits of giggles because I loved it so much and found it hilarious. If i had to pick one scent to smell forever it would a million percent be this.



A majestic blue mermaid melt covered in sparkles. What’s not to love?! This melt makes me think of summer when I smell it. A mix of coconut and pineapple definitely reminds me of Piña coladas.  So if you want to close your eyes and imagine you’re lay on a hot sunny beach sipping Piña coladas this is the one for you.



Pink and white glittery poo! I ordered two of these for a stronger scent. You first smell a sweet marshmallow smell then you get the rose after scent. It’s a much subtler scent than the others but still gorgeous.  I feel slightly amazed at how much work must go into layering the scents to give you the blend of smells.



So I could smell these as soon as I opened the box so I didn’t get a pretty picture, they were straight in the burner! Oh my goodness, imagine sitting on a glittery cloud of candyfloss eating jelly beans, this is what that would smell like it’s so sweet! I put two of these in to make the smell stronger and it was amazing. Cannot recommend these enough. If unicorn poo smells like this I’m sure everyone would have one as a pet.


I can’t wait to order from Scent Circus again! If you’ve got a favourite comment below so I can give it a try.✨🦄


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