The Concrete Jungle


This time last year I was filled with pride, joy and excitement. It was only a week until I’d be flying to NYC with my mum and 2 baby sisters to watch my sisters dance on broadway! I KNOW.

I know I’m biased because they’re my sisters but they’re the most beautiful and talented girls I know.

We flew from Manchester to JFK with Delta airlines. Because it was such a special occasion we upgraded our seats which was amazing!
Free drinks and food all throughout the flight, safe to say we took full advantage.

Sitting next to a 6 year old clearly had its perks… I had orange juice spilled on me, explained the full theory (I had no bloody clue) of how our Maine Coon/ Norwegian forest cat ended up in England, and to top it off managed to royally fuck my knee up. I did some weird contortionist move to get out of my seat trying, trying not to wake her… then bam! My knee felt like it’d crumbled into a million pieces. The air hostesses were amazing giving me tons of ice to help with the swelling (It was huge). I spent the rest of the trip hobbling around trying to keep up with my mum (who walks at a million miles per hour may I add!). ย  Luckily after a week or so at home it fixed itself!



We stayed at the Marriott Marquis in Times Square! The hotel was beautiful and right on Times Square, pretty amazing. I genuinely felt like I was in another world. The lifts in the hotel looked like they’d been pulled straight from a sci-fi movie, they went so fast it genuinely made your stomach flip when going down. The hotel had a Starbucks so naturally I was in heaven, I ordered 3 different drinks just to take up to the hotel room whoops.



We did all the touristy things visiting the sites, which was short-lived because the girls were tired. Which is expected from them only being 6 and 13 at the time. I would love to go back and take in more of the sights one day, not sure how that would work considering my boyfriend hates traveling. So any blogger friends wanting a trip one day, hit me up!!!

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My first thought was SEPHORA! I was so excited to go and boy it didn’t disappoint, I think I visited at least 3 different stores whilst there. I also visited Ricky’s which is a beauty store, which I fell in love with more than anything. I discovered the likes of NYX and LA Girl there and have been obsessed with ever since.

We ate at quite a few different places whilst there but my favourite was Juniors.

Juniors was facing our hotel so we went for breakfast on the first day. The pancakes (griddle cakes) were AMMMAZZING! I’m surprised I didn’t come back 10 stone heavier. They’re famous for their cheesecakes which are to die for, you definitely have to visit if you’re ever there.

Obviously Americans are a million times friendlier than anyone in the UK, so it took me a day to get used to everyone being so upbeat.ย  Sad I know.
Yes they’re working for tips but nobody could be that upbeat if they weren’t genuinely in a good mood.

I used to watch ‘The Cake Boss’ so had to visit Carlo’s bakery. The cakes were fantastic, it was clearly a novelty with tourists as it was packed but definitely worth visiting.


We visited over Valentine’s Day and there was the ‘heart of hearts’ in Times Square. It was one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen. Not being there with my boyfriend made me a bit emotional when I was reading into what it was there for. Mature cheddar cheese I know.

I’d love for you to comment and let me know your favourite spots or memories of NYC!


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