Boutique Of Molly.

I was scrolling through twitter when I seen someone retweet a tweet by ”Boutique of Molly’‘.

I’m a sucker for anything that looks pretty, so instantly I was hooked scrolling through their tweets admiring products. I then went on their website drooling at almost everything. Now I’m always cautious of ordering from new places so I read through some blogs / reviews and people we’re loving them.

I finally decided a new bag and purse was on the cards.

The quality of these products are amazing, considering the price of them. I got the ‘CAIRO’ bag which is a gorgeous over the shoulder bag, it has two large compartments inside with a zip part in the middle.


I also got the ‘CANNES’ purse, I LOOOOVE this purse, mainly because I have a million different loyalty cards and they all fit!!


I was thinking it maybe similar to other online retailers where the quality isn’t that good and it may wear easily, but I was so wrong. I haven’t seen a bad review for them, the staff I’ve spoken to are lovely and I can’t recommend the brand enough. I think it’s really important to support smaller businesses, don’t get me wrong I love some bigger brands but boutique brands have unique products that you don’t see everyone with. I love being able to recommend smaller brands that don’t always get the coverage big ones do either, so give them a follow on twitter!

All their products come packaged in the cutest pink bags.

If you fancy treating yourself this payday, use code DEVON20 for a 20% discount!


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