Planning My Big Fat Greek Holiday🌴☀️

athens.jpgWell hello!  📣Calling all travel bloggers or people that have been to Greece📣

Summer is literally weeks away and it’s been over 3 years since I’ve been on a proper sunny holiday. I was super lucky growing up that I went on sunny holidays once or twice a year. Since being with my boyfriend I haven’t been on any (I NEED VITAMIN SEA). Growing up he never went abroad, so his first holiday was with me at the age of 24 to Berlin 2 Christmases ago.

Anyone that’s been on a sunny holiday knows how amazingly relaxing it is, however my other half is reluctant to go on one. He seems to think it’s going to be super boring and a bit pointless, he likes more of a city holiday. I think it’s just because he hasn’t been converted yet.  After scouring the internet and thinking intensely where would be best I’ve come up with Greece. He’s a nervous traveler so it’s not too long on a plane from Manchester, I’m hoping we’ll go around September time so it’s still going to be really warm. There seems to be tons of beautiful scenery and tons to do…Beaches In Greece

If anyone has any recommendations or links to places they’ve been or stayed please hit a gal up and comment them below as I’m still super unsure of where about’s to stay, all the advice would be hugely appreciated. 😘💙



13 thoughts on “Planning My Big Fat Greek Holiday🌴☀️

    • devonmetcalfe says:

      Ah cool where abouts did you stay? Nothing wrong with a good touristy place! I love a chilled holiday just laying by the pool, but with it being my other halfs first sunny holiday I don’t think that’s gonna happen🙄😂🙈x


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