Manchester Christmas Markets

Written for Just Moved To, you can find my original article here. Market opening times


Planning My Big Fat Greek Holiday🌴☀️

Well hello!  📣Calling all travel bloggers or people that have been to Greece📣 Summer is literally weeks away and it's been over 3 years since I've been on a proper sunny holiday. I was super lucky growing up that I went on sunny holidays once or twice a year. Since being with my boyfriend I … Continue reading Planning My Big Fat Greek Holiday🌴☀️

Swatch City

When I was on holiday in New York I first discovered NYX, I obviously fell in love instantly.  If you've never tried NYX then you're missing out, it's a budget brand with highly pigmented products that's also cruelty free! Liquid Lingerie (£7 Each) I love the packaging on all NYX products, the clear tube lets you … Continue reading Swatch City

Boutique Of Molly.

I was scrolling through twitter when I seen someone retweet a tweet by ''Boutique of Molly''. I'm a sucker for anything that looks pretty, so instantly I was hooked scrolling through their tweets admiring products. I then went on their website drooling at almost everything. Now I'm always cautious of ordering from new places so … Continue reading Boutique Of Molly.

Feel Unique Pick N Mix

As if we're now half way through February, crazy right?! I recently discovered the Feel Uniques Pick N Mix sample box whilst reading the lovely Charlottes blog. You select 5 samples you'd like then all you have to pay is the postage which  is £3.95... Bargain! They have a great range of high and low-end … Continue reading Feel Unique Pick N Mix

Mystery Blogger Award

So the lovely Chloe tagged me for the mystery blogger award, it's a cool way to find / get to know bloggers similar to yourself! It's such a great idea to spread positivity and love for others in the blogging community. So thank you for the tag Chloe! The blogger who created this award was … Continue reading Mystery Blogger Award

The Concrete Jungle

This time last year I was filled with pride, joy and excitement. It was only a week until I'd be flying to NYC with my mum and 2 baby sisters to watch my sisters dance on broadway! I KNOW. I know I'm biased because they're my sisters but they're the most beautiful and talented girls … Continue reading The Concrete Jungle

Scent Circus

There's no clowning around at the Scent Circus... (Sometimes I find myself far too funny) I've been using wax melts for a while, I love the fact you can switch up the smells instead of burning a whole candle. You wouldn't think it but my boyfriend gets deeply involved when picking which ones next to … Continue reading Scent Circus

You Need ”Little Bit Lavish” In Your Life

On a bleak and boring Saturday I was chatting away on a bloggers Whatsapp group, talking all things subscription boxes. That's when the amazing Caity (check out her amazing blog here -> cabface) recommended I try 'Little bit lavish'. I'm a huge supporter of small businesses, after reading Caitys review of Decembers box I had … Continue reading You Need ”Little Bit Lavish” In Your Life

It’s a Lush Life🙌🏻

It's no secret that I'm a huge Lush fan! I worked for the company for around 2 years whilst in college, I can honestly say they're the best company I've ever worked for. 🌎 From their natural products to the ethical values I couldn't support them more. As it's just been Christmas I got lots … Continue reading It’s a Lush Life🙌🏻