Planning My Big Fat Greek Holiday🌴☀️

Well hello!  📣Calling all travel bloggers or people that have been to Greece📣 Summer is literally weeks away and it's been over 3 years since I've been on a proper sunny holiday. I was super lucky growing up that I went on sunny holidays once or twice a year. Since being with my boyfriend I … Continue reading Planning My Big Fat Greek Holiday🌴☀️


Swatch City

When I was on holiday in New York I first discovered NYX, I obviously fell in love instantly.  If you've never tried NYX then you're missing out, it's a budget brand with highly pigmented products that's also cruelty free! Liquid Lingerie (£7 Each) I love the packaging on all NYX products, the clear tube lets you … Continue reading Swatch City

Boutique Of Molly.

I was scrolling through twitter when I seen someone retweet a tweet by ''Boutique of Molly''. I'm a sucker for anything that looks pretty, so instantly I was hooked scrolling through their tweets admiring products. I then went on their website drooling at almost everything. Now I'm always cautious of ordering from new places so … Continue reading Boutique Of Molly.

Feel Unique Pick N Mix

As if we're now half way through February, crazy right?! I recently discovered the Feel Uniques Pick N Mix sample box whilst reading the lovely Charlottes blog. You select 5 samples you'd like then all you have to pay is the postage which  is £3.95... Bargain! They have a great range of high and low-end … Continue reading Feel Unique Pick N Mix

Mystery Blogger Award

So the lovely Chloe tagged me for the mystery blogger award, it's a cool way to find / get to know bloggers similar to yourself! It's such a great idea to spread positivity and love for others in the blogging community. So thank you for the tag Chloe! The blogger who created this award was … Continue reading Mystery Blogger Award

The Concrete Jungle

This time last year I was filled with pride, joy and excitement. It was only a week until I'd be flying to NYC with my mum and 2 baby sisters to watch my sisters dance on broadway! I KNOW. I know I'm biased because they're my sisters but they're the most beautiful and talented girls … Continue reading The Concrete Jungle

Scent Circus

There's no clowning around at the Scent Circus... (Sometimes I find myself far too funny) I've been using wax melts for a while, I love the fact you can switch up the smells instead of burning a whole candle. You wouldn't think it but my boyfriend gets deeply involved when picking which ones next to … Continue reading Scent Circus

You Need ”Little Bit Lavish” In Your Life

On a bleak and boring Saturday I was chatting away on a bloggers Whatsapp group, talking all things subscription boxes. That's when the amazing Caity (check out her amazing blog here -> cabface) recommended I try 'Little bit lavish'. I'm a huge supporter of small businesses, after reading Caitys review of Decembers box I had … Continue reading You Need ”Little Bit Lavish” In Your Life

It’s a Lush Life🙌🏻

It's no secret that I'm a huge Lush fan! I worked for the company for around 2 years whilst in college, I can honestly say they're the best company I've ever worked for. 🌎 From their natural products to the ethical values I couldn't support them more. As it's just been Christmas I got lots … Continue reading It’s a Lush Life🙌🏻

Home Working.

Over the last decade the number of people regularly working from home has risen by a fifth, this means that over 1.5 million of us are swapping crowded commutes for cosy coffees in the comfort of our own home. These figures are from the latest study by the Trades Union Congress. If you're a creative … Continue reading Home Working.